Sunday, February 22, 2009

Between Washington & Dakota Counties

February 16, 1.5 miles, below Mile 831:

Chunks have started to fall off this decommissioned toll bridge, so Washington County is proceding to have their side of the bridge demolished:
Dakota County has debated restoring the bridge as a recreational resource, but the cost will probably prove prohibitive.

February 18, 1.25 miles, below Mile 830: Merrimac Island:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 10: 1.0 miles, below Mile 834, Post Office Robbery by Barker-Karpis Gang

February 11: 1.5 miles, Mile 832, Wakotah Bridge

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Strawberries in February

Congratulations to Jennifer Figge, the first woman to swim across the Atlantic:

"The season being far advanced when we were in New Orleans, the roses and magnolia blossoms were falling; but here in St. Paul it was the snow. In New Orleans we had caught an occasional withering breath from over a crater, apparently; here in St. Paul we caught a frequent benumbing one from over a glacier, apparently.
I am not trying to astonish by these statistics. No, it is only natural that there should be a sharp difference between climates which lie upon parallels of latitude which are one or two thousand miles apart. I take this position, and I will hold it and maintain it in spite of the newspapers. The newspaper thinks it is n't a natural thing; and once a year, in February, it remarks, with ill-concealed exclamation points, that while we, away up here are fighting snow and ice, folks are having new strawberries and peas down South; callas are blooming out of doors, and the people are complaining of the warm weather. The newspaper never gets done being surprised about it. It is caught regularly every February. There must be a reason for this; and this reason must be change of hands at the editorial desk. You cannot surprise an individual more than twice with the same marvel--not even with the February miracles of the Southern climate; but if you keep putting new hands at the editorial desk every year or two, and forget to vaccinate them against the annual climatic surprise, that same old thing is going to occur right along. " Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

February 2: 1.5 miles, , below Mile 836, Swing Bridge

February 3: 1.0 miles, below Mile 835, Kaposia Village

January Progress

Day 5: 1.5 miles, Mile 842, Lilydale Regional Park

Day 6: 0.75 miles, just above Mile 841. With this, I crossed to a new map page:
Pickerel Lake:

Day 7: 1.5 miles, below Mile 840, Harriet Island

Day 8: 1.14 miles, below Mile 839, Swede Hollow

Day 9: 1.5 miles, mile 837, Pig's Eye

"The basin of the Mississippi is the body of the Nation" -- Mark Twain

On January 5, 2009, I began a virtual swim down the Mississippi. It was about 20 degrees that day, so staying indoors seemed prudent. I could have started from the scenic headwaters of Lake Itasca, but chose to start closer to home, at Mile 848 just above Lock & Dam # 1 in Minneapolis (

For my notes on the trip, I am using the Friends of the Mississippi River's Field Guide.

Day 1: 1.14 miles, below Mile 847, Hidden Falls Regional Park:

Day 2: 1.14 miles, below Mile 846, Fort Snelling:

Day 3: 1.5 miles, above Mile 844, Pike Island:

Day 4: 0.75 miles, below Mile 844, confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers: